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23 December 2012 @ 09:55 am
Looking back while looking forward  
2012 is nearly over, and its been a hell of year, on a lot of different fronts.  Many things aren't ending the year as I planned or hoped for, but you know what, thats okay.  If everything worked out according to plans, I don't think people would be surprised or able to think on their feet anymore.  I'm sitting here on a 3 hour layover in the Charlotte airport- finally going home-home for the first time in like 2 years.  Honestly, Pittsburgh feels more to me like home than Lebanon/ Hershey.  Its the quality of the people you keep I suppose.  Will be nice to spend some time with family tho. Haven't seen my sister in over a year as well.  Looking forward to some time with her.  Wish I could have made it out to the 412 again, but oh well.  I was out in October for Halloween and it was badass.  I love my family out there so much.

Work has come back around, things are good and going well, and I have been offered another tremendous opportunity.  Just like the Phoenix that is symbolized in so much of what I do, I'm pulling myself back up out of the ashes of the hole I put myself in, and I am coming out much stronger and better.  Sometimes destruction and failure is whats needed to make us grow and become better people.  After all, certain trees can only produce seeds after a forest fire.

It has also taken a very long time,  but I think I'm over Aiden.  I mean, I will always have a small part of my heart that belongs to him, I loved him more than anyone, and while I'm saddened that things went so badly and didn't end how I had hoped, his dumping me has been one of the best things to happen to me I now realize. I was depressed, stressed out and worried about making him happy so much that I let myself get real bad.  And I had no social life because I sat at home on my PC trying to talk to him every night.  Since we broke up, Im going out and making friends, hell, I've made some very amazing friends in Myrtle Beach now, going mountain bike riding, skating, hockey, and more.  I love it.  And I haven't really been depressed since we broke up either.  Everything just feels a lot clearer.  Hopefully in time I will meet someone else to share myself with.  But I dont see myself doing another Long Distance Relationship.  I want to be able to spend real time with someone.  I am also hopefully moving into a house with some friends in the spring... thats gonna be badass.  hahaha.

Not much else I can think of, just hope everyone has a good holiday.
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